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Good SEO practice for both mobile and desktop web sites involves the building of  as many quality back or inbound links towards your online content as humanly possible. But they have to be links that ultimately add value and so white & black hat inbound link practices are discussed in terms of their respective value, especially long term. The best form in which backlinks should take for maximum effect upon search listings and page rank is also outlined and finally, on a practical level, a few ideas on sources from which inbound links can be generated are put forward.

The true value of an inbound link to your on-line content lies in them being generated and or deriving from sources that can be as relevant to your own content as possible and secondly as authoritative in their own rite and thirdly from a source that genuinely wants to promote you, to follow or like you, to use social media terms. That’s what a good SEO backlink is after all a genuine follow from a respected source. It is now of less value to have a backlink from a source that has no relevance whatsoever to the subject of your own. Google especially allocates a lot of weight to such links as they indicate your popularity within your own field. Furthermore, if the link is from a site that lacks a good page ranking of its own, again the value is diminished if not non-existent.  The practice of buying backlinks is dead, Old Black Hat even ! Especially from link farms as they are now increasingly easily identified by the search engines as they lack the criteria of relevancy and authority just mentioned. As a result, such inbound links are allocated no value whatsoever by the search engines and are increasingly ignored at best. The time value of backlinks also differ dependant upon their source. Directories are a good example as are purchased links, as they can both  easily and do constantly change and subsequently your backlink can simply disappear after time. The time value of an agreement maybe? That’s just it, links have to be from genuine content generators of their own who have a reason for “following” you with a back link. Finally, be aware of what type of backlink is achieved. A backlink that is tagged as “nofollow” is worthless in the context of increasing search result/page rank as they do not allow redirection to your content. They are merely a mention and so only valuable in a brand awareness context.

So the value and form of backlinks has been covered – Relevancy & Authority – but what about how to generate quality backlinks and from where? Building your own backlinks is all about generating great content that others will wish to be associated with, designing relevant content upon high value third-party sites / blogs and by maximising the benefits of social media.

It makes sense that all content you put out there be of first class quality yes?. To be successful you should it is often said be passionate about what you are writing, as this is most likely the area that you know best and so importantly also enjoy ! Passion is something I recognise when I read something or someone talks to me about a subject. Get some passion across to your readers and sure enough like-minded content owners, importantly often with relevant material, will want to be associated with you via a link. Links are like human sinus across the entire web that run between, connect and point towards content. The trick is to gather and therefore engage in as many as possible.

Just stop and take a moment to think about the amount of high quality, many completely free, third-party sources that are currently available upon the web for you to write about your passion and or business? Use them and somewhere within them  link a word or phrase back to the most relevant part of your content and not just your landing page which is often practised but is actually an inefficient use of inward links.  Take a look at Wikipedia. There is no better source that I can think of that has such authority upon the internet and that let’s you write about and contribute to the debate about your passion or industry. Many businesses that have something to shout about, have already achieved great things within their respective markets are now using this people’s encyclopedia as wiki would have it,, to promote their work and a backlink from Wiki is worth its weight in gold that’s for certain. Look at the blogs out there that again are authoritative. WordPress, Hubpages, Squidoo to name but a few. Other great sources are white papers and EBooks that you can write and should be distributing yourself on-line. If done well these two sources alone are not just fantastic tools in which to build inbound links, but start to, or already define you as, a clear thought leader within your field. The brand equity that such documents  can create and build is also immense. What about writing articles online? Ezine articles is just one of many, but it’s free version if done correctly has value and they hold online authority. Your existing online network is another great resource. Whether they be friends you have met on forums on your subject, or the customers you have carried out excellent work for recently. These individuals and organisations will be happy to furnish you with a quality, long-lasting back link.

Finally social media has now firmly embedded itself into the internet experience and the various tools out there hold endless opportunities for you to create backlinks, especially from the social bookmarking sites such as Del.icio.us and StumbleUpon. I am not going to detail every single social media tool that you can use, I am sure you are already familiar with many of them. Suffice to say that social media holds the key to so much more than just generating, long-lasting backlinks to your content. If done correctly a social media campaign should facilitate greater exposure, leading to increased traffic and brand awareness, enable the targeting of exact audiences and increase the online trust of your product/brand/service. I intend to write an entire post on the subject of social media for both these purposes and it’s integration into a successful SEO campaign in general.

Suffice to say generating backlinks is an extremely difficult, labour intensive exercise and you really do have to know what you are doing. So why not outsource your entire SEO backlink strategy to an

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Christopher Evans is the managing director of EDC New Media Solutions. EDCNewMedia is an internet marketing agency offering solutions in SEO, Content Provision and Social Media. A dedicated Inbound Marketing consultancy, we are based in Cardiff, Wales, within the United Kingdom. Find us at http://www.edcnewmedia.com
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    • I have been thinking about the layout of my blog and indeed have recently added my company logo as the background to each post & page so as to add a bit of colour to the dense text that you mention. I am also considering not just utilising further media, but also breaking the text down further into sub-sections to make it easier going. In my defence I have always written in somewhat of an academic style and indeed the subject matter often lends itself naturally to such a format. thank you for this comment – extremely constructive and welcome !

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    Fine a publish. Basic downside is actually G. change their own thoughts very repeatedly.

    • Its true Google change their algorithms on what now seems an almost hourly let alone daily basis. For instance there is now an emphasis upon the loading speed of a site for page ranking. However, Good content and quality inbound links i believe will always be prominent indices for search engine optimisation. Thanks for the comment.

  3. says:

    Very Interesting Blog! Thank You For Thi Post!

    • Hey no problem. Glad you enjoyed the post. I will be updating / expanding upon this subject. Specifically the sources of backlinks and actually venturing in to the area of purchased links and link baiting as two seperate authority building strategies. Thanks again.

  4. says:

    Thanks This is Really helpful… Now I will Start these methods… Wish me good luck.

  5. says:

    It is really true that backlinking is totally effective for SEO best practice! In my view with out backlink practices no one can achieve the high traffic in SEO. Thanks a lot :)

    • Yes indeed SEO backlinks now rule the day, where once keywords and on page SEO were king. This is due to the perceived authority of content taking precedent within search engine algorithyms. This has given rise to new black hat practices however within SEO. Google especially sees a good backlink as a kind of social media “Like”/”Follow” and allocates page rank accordingly.
      Glad the post was of interest – I need & intent to update it for further relevance & accuracy so watch out for that.

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